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9 Things to Expect from Your Weight-Loss Journey

You will seriously cherish snacks

Contrary to diet myths, you don't need to starve to lose weight. Bringing your own healthy snacks will ensure you don't hit the vending machine when cravings strike.

Your social activities will change

We know dinner with friends is a fallback, but think active: Take a dance class, go for a walk, throw a Frisbee, you get the idea.

You will hoard food storage containers

Portion control can be an issue when you're trying to lose weight. Stock up on containers to ensure your next meal is the correct size.

You will reward yourself with new clothes

Reward yourself with cute new workout clothes when you hit your milestones. Unlike food rewards, this will drive home the idea that fitness is fun.

People will become jealous of your weight-loss success

Not everyone is going to be supportive of this slimmer, healthier version of you. Massey suggests spending time with the cheerleaders in your life instead.

You will hit a plateau

You may find it easy to drop pounds early on, and then plateau at a certain point. THIS IS NORMAL. Up the intensity of your exercise (think: harder not longer) to push past it.

Vegetables will become your new BFF

Vegetables are high in nutrients and low in calories, making them a dieters dream come true. Try these vegetable smoothie recipes if you're not a fan of salads.

You will love #MealPrepMonday

Planning is critical for success. Plan your grocery list and snacks in advance so there's no chance for failure.

You will consider it one of the best decisions you've ever made

Losing weight can lower risk for a multitude of diseases, help you sleep better, improve relationships, and increase confidence. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate every step in your weight-loss journey.