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How to Become a Morning Workout Person

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    Plan a Rude Awakening

    "Set an alarm that's super-annoying and put it across the room. That way you have to wake up, get completely out of bed in order turn it off," Crockford says. You'll be less likely to fall back asleep once your feet hit the floor. (Better run for it fast to spare your significant other.)

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    Gear Up

    The fewer barriers between you and the treadmill, the better. Pack or select and set out your exercise clothes, headphones, watch, and sneakers the night before so you have them staring you in the face when you wake up—and so the decisions are already made, Crockford suggests.

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    Move with Music

    Create a playlist full of pep-up tunes that's just long enough for you to get your gear together, eat a quick snack, and travel to your workout (if it's not at home). Beyoncé, anyone?

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    Set the Right Route

    Speaking of environment, if you're exercising outside of your living room, choose a gym, studio, or track that's as near as possible to home or between your home and office, so it's a natural stop during your morning.

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    Invest in Your Health

    "You'll be much less likely to skip out if you've already invested some money," Crockford says. Buy a few sessions with a personal trainer or pay in advance for group classes or memberships, then keep the receipt handy to remind yourself of the financial sacrifice you've already made. Who doesn't want to get the most for her money?

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    Go Social

    The night before a workout you're afraid you might skip, tell your friends that you'll be sweating, then ask them to follow up with you about the experience. A review published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that having accountability buddies on Facebook, Twitter, and wellness-minded social networks like DietBet greatly increases the likelihood you'll make healthy choices. That's right: These don't even need to be IRL friends for you to benefit!