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5 Workouts Made for Extroverts

  • Barry's Bootcamp

    Boot Camp

    Group setting? Check. Enthusiasm? Check. Boot camp classes, like Barry's Bootcamp, are ground zero for the energizing setting extroverts crave. "Extroverts will enjoy being pushed and challenged by the instructor as well as other bootcampers—and they will also feel energized by pushing others along in the workout," Petruzzelli says. Since boot camps tend to be highly interactive, extroverts find them to be a ton of fun, Lagos says. Not to mention that you'll torch up to 1,000 calories jumping from the treadmill to medicine ball moves.

  • Flywheel


    In an indoor cycling class like Flywheel, where riders measure their performance and can compare it to the performance of others in the class on the "torqboard," extroverts fuel up from the engaging and competitive environment, Petruzzelli says. Loud music blasting for the duration of the ride and pushes of encouragement from the instructor bring even more stimulation to the class. As a result, extroverted personalities like you work out harder.

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    Drop into a CrossFit class and you'll find a close-knit group of seriously fit CrossFit devotees. The family feel means everyone's cheering each other on during the workout and counting loudly to make it a group effort, Petruzzelli says. "CrossFit offers a very stimulating environment where there are many different workout activities going on at the same time." Extroverts respond well to the constant change and the team-like environment that opens up opportunities to engage with classmates.

  • SoulCycle


    At its core, SoulCycle is about combining a workout with a dose of motivation to change both bodies and lives. Throw in high-energy music (like our 10 power anthems for 2015), and it's a mindful cardio blast that extroverts thrive on. "SoulCycle encourages a group-oriented feel in its classes, which will attract the extrovert," Petruzzelli says. A SoulCycle class combines a variety of moves, changes in intensity, and a highly stimulating environment—all pluses in the extrovert's book, she says.

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    Whether you're headed to a cardio kickboxing class or Zumba, you'll feed off of the group's combined energy. You'll use the hoots from the woman in front of you to amp yourself up and push yourself even further. "Extroverts enjoy and feel energized when they are socially connected with their peers," Lagos agrees. By performing the moves in sync with other class members, you'll connect with them on another level while logging a solid workout.