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Weight-Loss Tips

All the weight-loss tips and tricks we've got, from expert diet strategies, to lessons from the French. (Seriously, how do they stay so skinny while drinking wine and eating so much cheese? Answers below!) Plus weight-loss questions and answers from FITNESS readers.

Turning a goal into a healthy habit takes time—66 days on average, research suggests.

When celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and Lena Dunham throw birthday parties these days, of course they go for the hottest club in town: the health club.

Between Munchkin the Shih Tzu taking over our treadmills and Gracie Sue blowing up our Instagram hearts, there's one thing we know for sure: We love seeing pets don their best workout gear (because pu

Sick of hearing the same ol' weight-loss advice? You'll love these tips from Ted Spiker's new book, Down Size.

Experts share their tips at #FitBlogNYC, where we brought together the top bloggers and trainers in the industry for a day fitness and fun.

Love can make you do crazy things -- like polish off a big bag of chips with your boyfriend. In fact, the more serious the relationship is, the more weight women gain.

It doesn't take long to realize that no matter how long you've kept those pesky five pounds off, all it takes is a small swing of the scale or uncharacteristically rough day at the gym to fall off the

It turns out your guy's eating habits can actually result in weight loss, not gain. Annoying? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

Strength routine to sculpt all over? Check. Cardio program to blast fat? Done. Groundbreaking list of the latest, greatest flat-belly superfoods? Coming right up! More than half of U.S.

More than 60 percent of Americans blame a sluggish metabolism for excess pounds, according to a recent Calorie Control Council survey.

You don't have to hit the gym — or even change out of your pj's — to burn more calories. Make these supereasy home improvements to start tipping the scales in your favor.

You don't need to shell out thousands of dollars to stay at a swanky resort to slim down.

Put your calorie-counting, food-journaling ways on freeze. Here's new thinking on exactly how to eat to lose.

Find out how to tap into your inner workout drive (yes, you do have one!) with our customized get-up-and-go plan.

Croissants. Cheese. Cabernet. The easiest — and yummiest — way to drop pounds is to steal secrets from the most slimming diets across the globe.

We're a country of people who never stop eating.

With extra pounds continually coming off and on again and an obesity problem that's ballooning out of control, it seems as if most of us — despite our best efforts — are fated to be fat.