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"I'm in Better Shape After Triplets"


Super Stroller

Before Melissa Davis, 35, became pregnant with triplets in 2012, she weighed 130 pounds and ran and played tennis. "I stayed active while I was pregnant, walking two miles a day through the first seven months. Right before I delivered the boys in August 2013, I weighed 210 pounds."

Multitasking Mama

"As a single mom with a full-time marketing job, I could easily have let my fitness routine slide. But as soon as I got my doctor's okay, I began power walking daily with the babies in a jogging stroller and hired a babysitter to come over after work a few times a week while I lifted weights."

One Fit Family

"Six weeks after I gave birth, I started running again. Within another five months, I had reached my goal weight of 117 pounds. Because my mom died of cancer when I was 21, I want to be healthy so I can be around for my sons. We're going to have such fun playing doubles tennis matches!"