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"We Work and Play Together"


A Running Start

After Jennifer Fischer, 40, had her daughter in 2009, the last 15 pounds refused to budge, no matter how many episodes of 90210 she pedaled through on the elliptical. "Even though I didn't like running, I said yes when Suzanne, another teacher at my school, invited me to jog with her. She had given birth a month earlier and already was making great progress getting her pre-baby bod back."

In Living Color

"Suzanne and I ran regularly, and I shed the weight. Another teacher and new mom, Jacki, joined us in 2011. Now all three of us jog or take kickboxing classes several times a week. To stay motivated, we sign up for fun races, like the Color Me Rad 5K."

Picking Up Speed

"Suzanne, Jacki, and I have done nine races. Next up: the Run or Dye 5K with our kids. Not only have our healthy habits rubbed off on our families; our students are becoming more active, too. We hope to launch a Girls on the Run chapter at our school to help empower young women through running."

Partner Power

Sweating with a pal can double how long you work out, according to a study. Three ways to find one:

On the job: Many offices offer classes or discounts at nearby gyms. Recruit a coworker to go with you.

At the gym: Seek out a friendly classmate in yoga or Zumba.

On the field: Join a rec league soccer team. Your teammates may be up for other fit endeavors.

Source: Jacque Ratliff, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise in San Diego