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"Circus Workouts Made Me Stronger Than Ever"


Trained and Drained

A year ago, Jen Tracey, 33, was in decent shape but bored with her routine. "I felt as if I was on autopilot and yearned to feel excited about a new activity."

Concert Cure

"At a Pink concert in February 2013, the singer did backflips while floating above the audience and looked like she was having the time of her life. I had done gymnastics as a kid — I had to try this! I took my first stab at the aerial rings in July. At first, I couldn't hold myself upside down at all, but I was hooked."

Hanging Tough

"I take a 60-minute class once a week, and I'm really fit. My shoulders, back and core are so strong. Not only can I hang upside down now, but I can also hold my legs in splits while doing so. Now that I've mastered some fun ring moves, I have my sights set on aerial silks, aerial yoga and hoops classes. Watch out, Pink!"

Swing Like Pink

Aerial yoga is just right for newbies. A silk hammock that is extended from the ceiling helps you challenge your core, improve your flexibility and sustain poses that might be out of reach in a traditional yoga class. Find a studio at