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"I'm a 91-Year-Old Adrenaline Junkie"


Ageless Attitude

"Fitness has always been a key component of my life. I started dancing at 14 years old and performed professionally -- I was in five Broadway shows -- until I was 30. After I was diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis in 2013, I took up yoga; now I feel fitter than ever."

Rock-Star Routine

"I think of my body as an instrument I have to keep in tune. I start each morning with a 45-minute yoga class, and I jump rope every day. Hiking with my dog is one of my favorite pastimes, and three days a week, I take tango lessons."

Sky High

"Last November, I decided to finally check off an item that's been on my bucket list for 20 years: skydiving. As the parachute opened, I felt more connected with the universe than ever before. It was quiet, peaceful, and awe-inspiring. I loved it so much that I did my second jump in July!"