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"I Did It!" Weight-Loss Success Stories

Think you can't lose the weight? Read these true weight-loss success stories.

One woman rebooted her fitness routine by trying something completely new.

A misfit with "normal" kids' sports, Paige discovered her skill at rock climbing — and paid it forward.

The jujitsu opponents Anne Pham, 29, faces on the mat are nothing compared with the obstacles she has overcome in the past decade. She was hit by a car, not once, but twice.

Courtney Althoff, 26, learned to make peace with the scale.

Super-skinny Antoinette George's unhealthy eating habits more than doubled her weight in 3 years.

Just a few short years ago, a size-26 woman decided she wanted to get healthy before she turned 40. Here's how she did it — and lost an amazing 137 pounds!

I've been fat my whole life. I was a chubby kid, an obese teenager, and at 24 I weighed 445 pounds. I'm still big, so this is definitely not your typical miracle makeover article.

These women followed the Hot Arms Made Simple workout plan to trim flab and sculpt sexy curves in record time. No diet required!

In dire need of a motivation makeover, Weng Funn Chen, 36, boosted her confidence with a FITNESS intervention.

Busy advertising exec Paula Kroening, 41, had back-burnered exercise for too long — and it showed. FITNESS fired up her routine again.

Karen Cardone, 28, and her BFF, Kellyann Dilgen, 27, needed to shed weight and tone up for their high school reunion. FITNESS helped them ace their looks.

Just in time for her big day, FITNESS helped bride-to-be Darcy Wilson, 33, shed 21 pounds and 12 inches.

Meet four women who followed the Flat Abs Fast plan for one month. They lost up to three inches around their middles, and you can too!

FITNESS gave Holly Greenberg, 26, a few simple tools to turn her basement into a workout circuit and to break out of her body rut.

Meet FITNESS readers who overcame obstacles in their lives to successfully lose weight and become healthier. Get motivated to become your own success story!

FITNESS gave ER doctor Amy Walsh, 29, the winning prescription for peeling off the pounds.

These six women of all shapes and sizes followed the Sculpt Your Backside plan for eight weeks.