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"I Beat Cancer at 89...Then Ran a Marathon"

Jerod Jarros/Getty Images for Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series

The prognosis for the squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth was so bad, her doctors didn't think she would survive. But Harriette is a fighter. Two years later, after treatment, she was strong enough to exercise again. So she decided to run the marathon in June 2014. "The last couple of miles, those hills looked like mountains," she says. "But the crowd's cheers kept me going. I couldn't believe it when I broke the world record for women 90 and over with my time of 7:07:42!" This year, at 92, Harriette crossed the finish line yet again, making her the oldest woman to complete a marathon.

Run For Your Life

"Research shows that for every hour you exercise, you extend your life span by two hours," says Jeff Galloway, the author of Running Until You're 100. Follow his tips to stay strong whatever your age.

Pace yourself. Ease into running by adding jogging intervals to your walks. As you gain endurance, increase the length of the jogging segments and trim the recovery time.

Be consistent. To get the maximum longevity benefits, move at least 30 minutes a day, whether you're running, walking or cross-training.

Fuel smart. Eat complex carbohydrates and lean protein at every meal to keep your energy high.