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"I Lost 116 Pounds and Found My Dream Job"

Priscilla Gragg

Because Genevieve worked as a radio personality, people tended to focus more on what she said than how on she looked. But when her producer posted a picture of her on the show's website in 2011, she was crushed by fans' reactions. "Someone tweeted, 'She's a fat cow with a face made only for radio,'" Genevieve recalls. "I'd been thinking about making a career switch, but I realized that I needed a whole-life transformation."

Genevieve changed her eating habits, consuming more produce, lean protein and water. "I ate small meals throughout the day so I wasn't starving at dinner," she explains. When her sweet tooth struck, she was ready with half-cup servings of her favorite ice cream, which were portioned out in the freezer.

She also discovered, a site with hundreds of free workouts by a husband-and-wife trainer duo. "The instructors were motivating, and I appreciated the variety," she says. Within five months, she was doing five 40-minute high-intensity cardio or strength routines a week, and the pounds melted off.

Genevieve's lifestyle makeover was only part of the equation. She also reinvented her career, quitting radio to launch her own photography business. Now, 130-pound Genevieve loves to capture special moments on film and is finally comfortable in front of the camera herself. "I even take selfies," she admits.

What Worked for Me

Smart snack: "I always have two hard-boiled eggs with me; I'm never without a healthy nibble."

Mix master: "A tablespoon of coconut oil makes a smoothie so satisfying."

My mantra: "Nothing is over until you quit trying."

Stick-with-it incentive: "Now that I've reached my goal size 8, I'm working toward a 4. My reward will be a trip to British Columbia to take amazing photos."