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Suzanne Bowen, Creator of BarreAmped

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Suzanne Bowen, Creator of BarreAmped

Suzanne Bowen put her heart, soul, sweat and more than 16 years of fitness experience and training into SBF (Suzanne Bowen Fitness). SBF is a compilation of all the training she received and all the training she's given over the years. Suzanne brings the form, focus and precision she learned from the Lotte Berk Method into general fitness with a balanced, full body workout. She is not a yeller. Who really wants to run bleachers or flip tires? SBF is a simple formula encompassing strength, cardio & flexibility in an effective way without the dread factor. Suzanne is on a mission with SBF to help someone build a foundation from which they can become not perfect, but their best, every day. Under the SBF brand, Suzanne has created BarreAmped, an internationally taught barre technique which has been chosen by Fitness Magazine and Natural Health Magazine as the best of barre workouts in 2014-15. Suzanne is also the creator of numerous top selling fitness DVDs and online streaming barre and cardio classes. Suzanne does extensive training with posture and prenatal specialists, including her friend, Julie Wiebe, PT, to stay up to date on the latest scientific data as it relates to fitness.

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