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Beauty comes from the inside out, and although treatments and stylers are great, a healthy diet rich with nutrients is the key to cultivating a head of beautiful hair. We tapped two experts,... more
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Spin. Sit at desk. Do some yoga. Sleep. Sound a bit like your life? These everyday activities are great for your health but could quickly become, well, a pain in the neck. "When this area is under... more
This just in: The new rule of riding is that there are no rules. We enlisted Ted King, pro cyclist for Cannondale-Garmin Team, and Christine D'Ercole, cyclist and head coach at Peloton cycling studio... more
Swim, bike, run—sounds fun, right? It can also feel a bit overwhelming, but there's no need for your first triathlon to be scary. We turned to Robert Pennino, triathlon coach and founder of Terrier... more
There's a science to choosing the perfect energy supply to help you fly through your miles. We tapped some top pros to make it simple.
Clock your heart rate (HR), distance, speed and more with any one of these tricked-out running watches—there's a fit for technophobes and techno pros alike.
Kick butt on your next run with these eye-of-the-tiger mental tips from Traci Statler, Ph.D., a professor of sport psychology at California State University, Fullerton, who helps give the USA Track... more
This strength circuit hits the sweet spot where your body gets the extra juice it needs to run faster without postworkout soreness slowing you down. "In many of these moves, you work one side of your... more