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Kate Parham Kordsmeier

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Kate Parham Kordsmeier

Kate Parham Kordsmeier is an Atlanta-based freelance food and wellness writer, recipe developer, spokesperson and TV host for more than 100 outlets, including USA Today, EatingWell, CNN, Cooking Light, The Washington Post, Clean Eating, Women’s Health, Shape, Vegetarian Times, SELF, Rachael Ray Every Day and Real Simple.

After being diagnosed with PCOS, leaky gut, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance and subsequently healing her body and reversing her symptoms with food and natural, holistic remedies, Kate founded Root + Revel, a site centered around on real, whole foods, safe, non-toxic beauty, effective DIY recipes and healthy living inspiration. Balancing Kate's restaurant background and love of delicious food with the power of nutrition, Root + Revel helps people find the balance between good and good for you using the 80-20 rule. Kate's mission is to connect people with the resources they need to live a healthy, balanced life full of beauty, celebration and health, nourishing our bodies and our souls along the way.

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