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Sunshine, maxis and the return of your fave outdoor workout make this the happiest time of the year. You're too busy living life to fuss with makeup. So we've served up these breezy looks with a... more
Fast-forward your get-ready routine and reclaim your time. These four beauty breakthroughs pack a one-two punch so you can skip several steps every morning. Now get out the door, gorgeous!
Yes, you should clock eight hours of shut-eye a night, but sometimes life gets in the way. Here's how to look well rested even when you're not.
Feeling good about how you look has a major impact on your mood. For those mornings when a giant zit, dark circles or sad strands threaten to steal your swagger, we've got your back. Our supersimple... more
Her insanely pretty smile, hot body, and down-to-earth personality make Gabrielle Union, 42, one of the most striking actresses in Hollywood. Not only did her new movie, Top Five, just hit theaters,... more
After hearing about Jaime's lifelong battle with alopecia, a medical condition that left her bald, we stepped in—and learned a few lessons about beauty in the process.
To celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we sifted through the sea of pink beauty loot that came across our desks and picked products and gear guaranteed to make you look good and feel... more
My favorite part about being a beauty director is helping women feel better about themselves (playing with products is a close second). None of us are perfect but I've learned a few insider beauty... more
Calling all FITNESS readers in the New York Tri-State Area! We love when beauty gives back in a big way and that’s exactly what will go down on Thursday, August 1st 2013, at the second annual... more
One of my favorite ways to get motivated to workout is by wearing a cool outfit (hey, whatever floats your boat, right?). So I was thrilled to learn that my favorite Spin class—Flywheel Sports—... more