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Stories by Grokker

This 7-minute butt workout will have your booty sculpted in the time it takes you to queue up Milk Milk Lemonade (go ahead, YouTube it).
Your days of unhealthy snacking are a thing of the past, thanks to this easy-to-make, super-nutritious snack food.
Feel a little groggy when you wake up? This morning yoga routine will give you the energy you need to conquer your day, no caffeine required.
Carving killer abs doesn't need to kill your free time (and if it does, you need to master more efficient moves). The exercises in this quick ab workout will help you tone and tighten in less than 15... more
This 30-minute vinyasa class is designed to carve a stronger core, whether you're a yoga newbie or a professional poser. Pull out your yoga mat and let's go.
Sick of sipping on the same ol' smoothie? This crazy-easy recipe will keep your taste buds satisfied, while reducing your risk of colds.
You no longer need to relegate tacos to your cheat days. Need proof? Try this quick and healthy vegetarian taco recipe, courtesy of Gonzalo Rivera, executive chef of Copita Tequileria y Comida in... more
Tone your entire body in half an hour with this no-joke dumbbell workout.
Sick of traditional ab exercises? We don't blame you. Add this yoga flow to your ab routine and your core will thank you later. Sayonara, sit-ups.
Feeling the stress of a crazy day? All you need is 5 minutes (seriously!) to totally reset and relax. This guided meditation with breathing exercises will get you back to a happier place, stat.