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Stories by Grokker

Get deep into your the hips, glutes and legs using medicine balls and hand weights in this quick 20 minute workout.
If you haven't tried suspension training yet, now's the time to see what it's all about.
Jumping jacks and burpees are the go-tos for burning calories, but try slowing it down for a more controlled, targeted burn.
Being stuck at a desk all day can do a number on your lumbar. Balance things out with these moves!
Release all forms of negative energy with this super-short, easy meditation.
Get tank top ready with this upper-body workout for the chest, arms, and back.
If yoga isn't your cup of tea but you still need to get loose, give this full-body stretching routine a try.
Everyone loves a great pancake recipe for breakfast. But these simple quinoa pancakes can make your morning that much healthier.
It's the ultimate way to spice up your daily routine.
Go back to basics with a workout that builds each pose from the ground up.