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More is inspired by the savvy friend every woman needs. The one who gets you to try on that outfit you’d never pick out for yourself. The one who stands by you, whether you’re growing out your bangs or going through a breakup. The one who makes you feel happier, smarter, you-er.

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Trendy ultra-matte liquid lipsticks and sharp-lined pouts don't have a chance if you've got dry, chapped, flaking lips. Don't worry that you're alone—we're all struggling. When winter winds begin to... more
The holidays are always a good time to dress up your fingertips, but Valentine's Day is a special favorite because it is just so cute! Deck your nails with this floral, glittery Valentine's Day nail... more
No matter what the season, matte lipstick seems to have a tendency to dry out your lips. Pick up one of these hydrating matte lipstick shades, and never fear a dry pout again!
If you're blessed with a face on the smaller side, your dainty features don't have to keep you from enjoying the contouring craze. Lucky for you, you just won't have to do as much of it! This... more
A waterfall braid on its own is impressive, but when combined with a mermaid braid, your hair will hit a whole new level of awesome. Everyone in the locker room will be taking notes.  
Microbeads have been the exfoliator of choice for women everywhere … until now. For years, environmentalist groups like Beat the Microbead fought for legislation that would ban microbeads, and the U.... more
If you've been on the internet at all over the last few years, you probably know that there's a lot of talk about potentially harmful ingredients lurking in your beauty products. But is the buzz... more
Winter weather is harmful to your skin, but what about the havoc it wreaks on your hair? These 15 hairstyling products will not only protect you from frigid winds, but they're chock-full of nutrients... more
Happy New Year! To celebrate, I've created this glamour nails tutorial that features a tribal print design using rich nail polishes — a look that's sure to make your friends jealous in 2016.
  Blend a gradient nail technique in frosty blues with an easy nail art design for a wintry nail look that's perfect all season long.