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More is inspired by the savvy friend every woman needs. The one who gets you to try on that outfit you’d never pick out for yourself. The one who stands by you, whether you’re growing out your bangs or going through a breakup. The one who makes you feel happier, smarter, you-er.

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Add a touch of style to your basic nail art by creating a negative space design. You can use any color and any pattern, which makes the possibilities endless. Get inspired by some of our favorites... more
While extra sleep and drinking more water can help, some people are just predisposed to under-eye darkness. Try these fast fixes for getting rid of those icky dark circles.
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We had the chance to sit down with Chuck Hezekiah, national makeup artist for Maybelline New York, who told us how to get perfect, clump-free lashes with almost any mascara. Read on to find out... more
Pretty patriotic nails are the definition of Independence Day style, so click through our 'Merica-themed manis for some USA-inspired art for your 4th of July nails.  
Microbeads are making a hasty exit from the beauty scene. After it was confirmed that the pesky plastic beads were causing more harm than good for the environment, the government stepped in and made... more
Keep the rest of your gym look simple, and let your braid be the star of the show!
Summer is in full force, which means it's time to switch up your daily scent for something in season—here are 12 of our favorite fragrances for warmer months.  
Acne in itself is nothing to be desired, but we think we can all agree that acne scars make the entire process even worse. Learn how to prevent acne scars from appearing in the first place and what... more
Blue manis are having a major moment this season. With endless hues to choose from, it's no wonder Instagram is blowing up with the classic shade. Scroll through and find your next favorite nail art... more