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Abbey Sharp, RD

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Abbey Sharp, RD

Abbey Sharp is a Media Registered Dietitian (RD), national spokesperson, TV and radio personality, YouTuber, food writer and blogger, recipe developer, and the founder of Abbey's Kitchen Inc. Abbey believes that a pleasurable relationship with food is inherently essential for good health and shares this unique philosophy through her regular contributions to The Marilyn Denis Show (CTV), Best Health Magazine, Fitness Magazine and countless other media outlets and publications. Abbey has worked as a celebrity Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for dozens of popular food, health and lifestyle brands such as Electrolux/Frigidaire, Almond Board of California, Jamieson Vitamins, Labatt, Sunkist Citrus, and Panasonic. She has a highly successful Tastemade Youtube channel Abbey’s Kitchen and food blog where she shares her favorite healthy recipes, nutrition myth busters and top healthy eating tips. When she is not on TV, her YouTube channel or writing, you can often catch her hosting top food events, workshops and conferences.

Stories by abbey-sharp

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