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10 Fit Women Proving the Idealism Behind the ‘Perfect Body’ is Utter Nonsense

  • Emily Skye Instagram

    Emily Skye Instagram

    Emily Skye

    Australian trainer Emily Skye posted this revealing post a few days ago in an attempt to highlight that lighting, posture, and different angles can all go a long way in altering a person's appearance in photos. "My 3 second transformation!" she captioned the photo.

    "The left pic is with my tummy pushed out - the right is with my tummy flexed...Your posture, angles, posing & lighting makes a big difference! Next time you look at a photo of someone who looks "perfect" online or in a magazine remind yourself that the person in the photo doesn't walk around looking like that! They're posed, in their best angles with a tight or flexed tummy in "good" lighting. Nobody is perfect!"


  • Anna Victoria Instagram

    Anna Victoria Instagram

    Anna Victoria

    Anna Victoria is known for posting "unflattering" selfies on Instagram, and we love her for it. Recently, she posted this side-by-side image of herself before and after going out for dinner to showcase how bloating affects those "perfect" photos you often see on Instagram. While bloating can be a sign of food sensitivities or allergies, it can also be a perfectly normal side effect of eating a big meal and often goes away on its own.

    "I wanted to share this to show that bloating happens and it's nothing to be mad at yourself for, more people struggle with bloating than you realize. It's just that we don't normally see that side - so you're not alone!" Victoria captioned the photo. 

  • Kayla Itsines

    Kayla Itsines has been our fitness crush for quite some time now. The Bikini Body Guide founder and personal trainer posted this picture of herself proving that fitness isn't about how you look, it's about how you feel.

    "Who cares if you have had a bad eating day, you look bloated, you have your period, you have a 'food baby'... it doesn't matter," she captioned the photo

    "If you FEEL good about yourself on the inside and you LOVE and accept yourself and are PROUD of what you have achieved, then that's all you need. Post a photo of your body and be proud. Don't try to overstate your appearance."

  • Jess King

    This plus-size Australian model has been known to promote body positivity. In a recent Instagram post, she posted a picture proving that the fitspo we see on Instagram is mostly staged. No one walks around sucking in their stomach or sticking out their collar bone—it's all part of a process to create the best possible picture for social media. 

    "We are all guilty of taking a million photos and uploading one that highlights our supposed "best angles"- myself included," she captioned the photo. "So it's just a little reminder to not base your #bodygoals on anything you see online. We will only ever see someone's highlight reel, and not the 50 pics they took to get their "best angle". Be your own #fitspo." Preach. 

  • Jen Widerstrom

    The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom shared these two pictures of herself to "fight back" against the current social media landscape of perfection.

    "We all look like this when we sit," she captioned the photo. "Don't stress about the way your body looks in certain positions. These photos were taken 2 minutes apart!"

  • Jessica Pack

    Life coach Jessica Pack stunned her fans when she posted these two pictures taken just 30 seconds apart. She wanted to show that your posture can have a huge impact on your "flaws" and make you look completely different from picture to picture. 

    "I am not a before picture. I am not an after picture. I am not fat nor am I perfect," she captioned the photo. "I'm flawed. I'm scarred. I'm insecure. But I'm learning and I'm hopeful that one day I'll fully love me."

  • Steph Claire Smith

    This wellness blogger posted these side-by-side photos to show that angles make a huge difference in the finished product. "Obviously we don't upload photos of ourselves that we find ugly or unflattering - but I wanted to show that everybody does have those angles," she captioned the photo. "Nobody is perfect." 

  • Maggie Fierro

    After following Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide, this Instagramer was able to get back into fantastic shape after giving birth to three kids. Even though it looks like she doesn't have lose skin or stretch marks, these side-by-side pictures give us a glimpse into motherhood that we often don't see.  

    "I realize Instagram is mostly a highlight reel and we share our very best photos," she wrote in her caption. "But I want to be as real and transparent as I can with all of you beauties and show the 'imperfect' along with the highlights."

  • Hailey Bettencourt

    Known to post pictures flaunting her incredible six-pack, fit girl Hailey Bettencourt shared this photo to remind her followers that even she isn't immune to the occasional "bloat, baby."

    "I just wanted to put this out there that I'm not perfect, I bloat, and I don't look ripped all the time," she captioned her photo. "A lot of people follow me because they want my abs/ want to know secrets to getting them, and they think I'm like this magical unicorn that walks around with a 6 pack all day. Trust me, Not true."

    Thanks for always keeping it real, Hailey! 

  • Sophie Kay

    Fitness blogger Sophie Kay posted these photos, showing how a staged posture and different outfit can have a huge impact on your pictures. "These two photos were taken 3 minutes apart but could be mistaken for a 'before & after' shot," she captioned the photo.

    Moral of the story? Don't trust everything you see.


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