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This Instagram Star Lost 114 Pounds After Deciding Not to Get Weight-Loss Surgery

Laura Micetich is a teacher from Tennessee who has struggled with her weight her whole life. Although her family followed a healthy diet while she was growing up, Micetich snacked a lot and wasn't very active. When she went to college, her bad habits spiraled out of control until she got on the scale one day and discovered she weighed 304 pounds.

But it wasn't until she began having issues with her thyroid that she realized something had to change. "This was a red flag that, while my health might not be in serious trouble yet, I was heading down a dangerous path," she told Women's Day in an exclusive interview.


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Afraid that simply working out and eating healthy wasn't going to cut it, Micetich opted for weight-loss surgery. However, she wanted to prove to herself that if she took this step, she would be able to continue a healthy lifestyle afterward. She began exercising regularly and paid more attention to what she was putting in her body. Sooner than expected, the pounds started melting off. "I stopped seeing my weight loss as an unconquerable battle," she said. "I stopped seeing it as "100+ pounds I have to lose" and started seeing it one day at a time."

Within weeks, Micetich changed her mind and decided not to follow through with the surgery. Instead, she created an Instagram account to hold her accountable while documenting her weight loss.

Since then, she's lost 114 pounds and now weighs 190. With more than 134K followers on Instagram, Micetich reminds people every day that it's never too late to make a healthy change. 

"I know realistically there may come a point in my life where my excuses again are bigger than my dreams, and that scares me," she says. "Every day, I ask myself if I want to be healthy. And so far, the answer has been yes."


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