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This Fitness Trainer Reminds Us Failure Doesn't Need to Ruin Your Day

Fierce trainers like Kaisa Keranen are few and far between. The social media fitness guru has been teaching women around the world that the gym is no place to mess around. From her super-intense Tabata-style workouts to her short yet totally-worth-it HIIT workouts, Kaisa has earned her place as one of the greatest trainers on social media.

If you've ever visited her Instagram (if you haven't, here are a few reasons why you should) you will find nothing but inspirational posts, urging you to give it your all while working out. That's why it was surprising (and refreshing!) to see the 30-year-old share a very important message explaining why it's okay to cut yourself some slack from time to time.

"I can't remember the last time I couldn't finish a set...3 reps to go and I didn't have it in me," she wrote in a caption, below a picture of herself looking defeated.

"Learning to be okay with failure is a serious process for me," she continued. "Some times it takes me several minutes to remind myself I'm no longer competing for anything or against anyone. It's all about listening to my body and HAVING FUN!"

That's something we can all get behind and carry with us into all aspects of our lives. Sometimes we will fail -- and that's okay, as long as you are willing to rise up to the challenge another day. There's nothing wrong with putting your health and well-being before accomplishing a certain task because at the end of the day, we're all human... and we are bound to fall short from time to time.


Faith Brar

Faith is an Associate Digital Editor at Meredith Corporation in Boston. Her work has appeared in Fitness, Shape, Better Homes & Gardens, More and others.  More →

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