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There's Finally a Disney Princess With a Realistic Body Shape

Disney's upcoming film Moana has people excited for several reasons. For starters, the story itself was born out of a historic mystery. It will also be the first Disney movie to feature a Polynesian princess and Lin-Manuel Miranda is behind the highly anticipated soundtrack.

That said, perhaps the most exciting part of Disney's latest endeavor is that Moana is not like the Disney princesses we are so accustomed to. That's because the directors deliberately planned to give her a much different AND more realistic body shape.



"We wanted her to be an action hero," director John Musker told Buzzfeed. "Even the visual development drawings we had done and stuff, based on drawings of people in the South just seemed right for this character to have her look like she could physically hold her own for what kind of stunts we wanted her to do."

Several women involved in the making of the film fought to make Moana different and realistically aspirational. Musker recalled that they kept pushing the idea of "not having her be a wasp-thin woman." Instead, they wanted her to have "a more realistic body shape and feel like she's not going to be blown over by a strong wind."

As if we needed more reasons to be excited about this movie.

Catch Disney's first action princess on the big screen this November. Till then, try to make do with this awesome trailer.


Faith Brar

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