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A Miracle Happened to This Burn Survivor Who Was Told She Couldn't Have a Baby

At just nine years old, a tragic accident changed Andrea Grant's life forever. She was at home with her 11-year-old brother when a gas explosion left both children with third-degree burns all over their bodies.

They were immediately rushed to the hospital and taken to surgery. After months recovering, Andrea slowly began to feel like her old self, but the accident took more from her than she'd ever imagined.

"The person I saw in the mirror the morning before August 14, 2001, was not the person I woke up seeing after August 14," she wrote in an Instagram caption. "My hair was gone, the face I knew was gone, and I was forced to deal with it. No matter how many times I looked in the mirror, the different abnormal Andrea was still there staring back at me."


Self esteem & Confidence Hello Ladies I want To share a Few Photos of my road to recovery with you ....I am here to Build You up like my mother did me I don't care what I looked like or the smell my burns and open wounds had.... she LOVED me ....she never showed signs of being uncomfortable around me and she always told me I was beautiful even I looked at myself in the mirror over time I couldn't see what beauty she was seeing ...the person I saw in the mirror the Morning before August 14, 2001 was not the person I woke up seeing after August 14 my hair was GONE ...the face I knew was GONE ....and I was Forced to deal with it..... no matter how many times I looked in the mirror .....the different abnormal Andrea was still there starring back at me my mother applied encouragement with words/Love and hair styles and jewelry .....when I had a small fro she made sure I had every head band I needed to match every outfit I had UNTIL 1 day I looked in the mirror and saw my smile "Look In The Mirror find that one thing you love about yourself and build confidence around it" -Andrea Grant ...

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To make matters worse, Andrea was told that she would never carry a child because the scars on her abdomen and chest wouldn't stretch properly during pregnancy.

Fortunately, she was able to prove doctors wrong and recently shared a gorgeous photo shoot flaunting her 39-week-pregnant belly. For obvious reasons, it's gone viral.

During a Skype appearance on The Doctors, Andrea revealed that thanks to multiple skin grafts and skin releases she has been able to celebrate not one, but two successful pregnancies. 

Even though her skin has lost its elasticity, religiously moisturizing with oils and sitting in a bathtub four times a day has helped heal and rejuvenate her skin. Andrea continues to inspire other burn survivors through an organization called Beyond Scars. She hopes that her story will help people regain their confidence and find joy in everything else life has to offer.



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