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Pratico Kitchen Glass Water Bottles - Juice, Beverage, Water Bottles - 20 oz, 4-Pack

Glass Bottles Are the BESTWhy Pratico Kitchen Clean Glass Bottles are better than plastic bottles & why you should buy them:Non-porous surface doesn't absorb odors or flavors & is naturally cleanerEasy to clean & can be sterilized in boiling waterLasts longer & can be easily recycledHealthy alternative to plasticAdd Clean Glass Bottles to your cart because they:COME IN PACK OF 4- Store a few bottles at home, work, or your gym bag. Four bottles give you plenty of flehey:COME IN PACK OF 4- Store a few bottles at home, work, or your gym bag. Four bottles give you plenty of flexibility on how and where you use these bottlesARE VERSATILE- Easily store up to 20 oz of water, juice, tea, smoothies, kombucha, cold-brewed coffee, etc. & save for laterPROVIDE SAFE & CLEAN DRINKING- BPA-free & free of unwanted chemicals, each bottle is made with highest quality soda lime glass, premium 304 stainless steel & food grade silicone gasket to provide the purest drinking experienceARE EASY TO FILL- Larger than average bottle opening makes it a breeze to fill or add items like ice, fruit slices, etc.ARE DISHWASHER SAFE- Bottles are dishwasher-safe. Hand washing the caps is recommendedRESIST SPILLS- Once you've securely screwed the leak-resistant cap, you can store the bottle standing up or on its side without worrying about spillsMEASURING LINE - Comes with measure marks which show the amount of liquid in the bottle in ounces. The measurements keep track of your liquid intake.NOTELiquid expands when it freezes. We do not recommend freezing glass bottlesBottles may have a wave effect; this is due to 2-stage manufacturing process that strengthens the bottle. Once filled with water, the waviness disappearsHand wash caps. Heat from dishwasher may cause parts of the caps to come offPouring boiled water directly into the glass is not recommended; sudden change in temperature may cause the bottle to shatter read more

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