Gym Bag Essentials for the Guy That Keeps It Basic

Keep it simple by packing your gym bag with these key essentials.


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Assert Backpack

Get a backpack that can carry all your gym gear and more. The Lululemon Assert Backpack has plenty of room to organize your grooming products and keep your clean clothes separate from your sweaty gear. Water-repellent material is easy to wipe clean, and the durable construction will get you through many trips to and from the gym, come rain or shine. ($148;

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Fantastic Face Wash

No time to shower? At least wash off all the sweat and leave your face feeling fresh with the Fantastic Face Wash by Ursa Major. Cedar, spearmint, and citrus ingredients help invigorate the skin, treating your face to a deep clean after an intense workout. Get rid of all the dead skin, dirt, and grime and leave the gym feeling good and smelling clean with the scent of essential oils. ($12;

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3-In-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash

Save the precious space in your gym bag for your bike helmet or jacket and pack one travel-size bottle to take care of your hair and body. The 3-In-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash from American Crew replaces three separate products and won't weigh your bag down. If your gym has a shower and you don't have time to go home before work, this all-in-one hygiene wash is a must-have for your gym bag. ($5;

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Baxter of California Deodorant

Stop forgetting to apply deodorant after your workout and keep a stick in your gym bag at all times. The Baxter of California Deodorant combats body odor with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, acai extract, chamomile, and more, which makes this product both effective and good for your skin. The citrus and herbal musk scent keeps this deodorant top-notch too. ($19;

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Hydrocotton Towel

You have no idea where the gym towels have been, so save yourself from the mystery and just pack your own. The Hydrocotton Bath Towel from the Nordstrom at Home collection is super soft and absorbent, and you can get matching washcloths to keep close so you can wipe away sweat during your workout. Store this towel in your locker and never wonder how many people have used a towel after you shower again. ($29;

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Forming Cream

When you don't have time to go home after the gym, you have to shower and get ready in the locker room. We all know how your hair can get unruly, so it's best to keep some styling cream in your gym bag. This Forming Cream by American Crew has a strong hold with a low shine for texture, keeping your hairstyle on-point all day long. Bonus: The flexible styling cream helps fine hair appear thicker and fuller for some truly luxurious locks. ($13;

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