5 Colognes to Switch Up Your Scent

Always smell good with your signature scent. Take a look at these colognes for everyday use.


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Spray on a scent that will make you feel fresh. This Clean for Men cologne has a combination of woodsy, black pepper, and juniper berry scents with hints of basil and bergamot. Finish off your morning routine with a few sprays of this classic cologne before heading out the door. Keep it fresh with this Clean cologne. ($40; birchbox.com)

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Lacoste Blanc & Noir

Two is always better than one, and now that extends to cologne. Each scent in the Lacoste Blanc & Noir two-piece set complements each other, so you'll be smelling great all day. Lacoste Blanc provides a light scent of wood, suede, and tuberose while Lacoste Noir has a bold mix of basil and dark chocolate. From day to night keep your personal scent on point. ($75; beautyvice.com)

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Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Immerse yourself in this Jo Malone cologne that will take you right to the seashore. Mixed with notes of bergamot, sea salt, white musk, and more, pretend you're living on the ocean, breathing the salt air and feeling the breeze from the waves, even if you're at your desk at work. You'll want to wear this scent everyday for a little escape from reality. ($65; nordstrom.com)

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Bleu De Chanel

Not sure what your signature scent is? Make your decision easy with the Bleu De Chanel cologne that exceeds expectations. Blends of citrus and woodsy musk give a clean and refreshing feel. A little spray goes a long way with this cologne. ($75; nordstrom.com)

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Polo Black

If you prefer a more vibrant, fruit-forward scent that fits your personality, this Polo Black cologne is the perfect match. Top notes of mango, tangerine, and lemon mixed with sage and sandalwood make this a one-of-a-kind cologne. Feel good with a scent that will reel in the compliments. You're welcome. ($85; macys.com)

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