The Best Workout Equipment That'll Help You Achieve Killer Abs

Complete your home gym with these workout essentials and you'll have everything you need to strengthen your core.

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Pure Fitness Extra Thick Exercise Mat

It's no secret that doing crunches on the floor can be uncomfortable, so when you add this exercise mat to your home gym you'll find yourself using it all the time. It's made with thick, high-density material that's resistant to tearing and has non-slip surfaces to ensure it stays in place. For simple ab workouts like sit-ups, planks, and bicycle crunches use it to give yourself cushioned support, or take it on the go with the carry straps. ($25;

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Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Wheel

If you've already mastered a 60 second plank on your exercise mat, kick it up a notch with this ab wheel. With its double-wheel base and grippers on each handle you'll always feel stable and secure while using it. Use it to make your planks more challenging by doing narrow-stance front roll-outs. Start standing with your legs together and the wheel at your feet, then bend down, grab the wheel, and roll forward until your in the plank position. Then, roll back up to standing position and repeat. ($10;

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Exercise Slider Discs

Perfect for any home gym, these versatile sliding discs work great on carpet or hard floors so you can use them anywhere—they even come with a mesh travel bag. Use the plastic side to glide across carpet with ease and the padded side for added comfort and to prevent damage on hardwood floors. This set of two can be used for multiple workouts like mountain climbers, forearm plank pike jacks, full sit-ups, and more. ($9;

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Gold's Gym Exercise Ball

If you're looking for a versatile piece of workout equipment that's durable and won't break the bank, this large body ball will check all your boxes. While it's great for achieving a full range of motion during crunches, it can also be used for planks, stretching, and even an alternative desk chair. Thanks to its anti-burst material, this exercise ball can handle almost anything you throw its way. ($12;

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Pull-up bar for your doorway photo

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Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Pull-Up Bar

Instead of taking up space with a bulky weight lifting station, hang this pull-up bar on your door. It will be a daily reminder to get in your reps and can be used as your warm up or cool down as you walk in and out of your home gym. It features foam-padded grips to help avoid blisters, making it great for multiple workouts like hanging crunches, leg lifts, and more. ($20;

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15 Pound Dead Weight Slam Ball

Available in six sizes (8, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pounds), this medicine ball can take your ab workouts to the next level. It's made with high-density PVC to ensure it doesn't crack when it hits the ground and has a textured surface for an easy grip. Once you get comfortable doing regular crunches, russian twists, and v-sits on your own, add in the medicine ball to make it more challenging. (from $26;

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Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine

Not only does it give you a great ab workout, this rowing machine works your arms and legs, too, making it totally worth the splurge. Unlike other workout equipment, this machine has quiet magnetic resistance so you can get in a good workout without disrupting anyone else in the house. Plus, it's easy to store; once your workout is complete, simply stand it up vertically and it'll fit inside a closet. ($199;

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