Exercise Equipment We Hope Goes on Sale for Black Friday

Black Friday is great for electronics and appliances, but that doesn't mean you can't score some sweet deals on exercise equipment. From weight sets to exercise machines, here's everything we are hoping to find on sale this year.

Adjustable exercise bench at Target photo

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Exercise Bench

This adjustable exercise bench is a must-have for any home gym. It has five incline positions and can be set flat to target different areas of your core. You'll also appreciate the adjustable foot support which keeps your body (especially your knees) comfortable during a workout. Want to push it more? Add in some free weights and use the bench to sculpt arms and shoulders. ($215; target.com)

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When cold weather strikes, it's hard to get motivated to walk outside or head to the gym. Instead of skipping cardio day, complete your workout inside with this walking treadmill. Equipped with quiet drive, you'll be able to enjoy music or TV while working up a sweat. Its handlebars are also two times longer than the average treadmill, and feature speed control buttons for added safety. Once you've crushed your fitness goals, fold it and wheel it into a closet for quick storage. ($606, usually $645; overstock.com)

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Adjustable dumbbell set by Bowflex photo

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Adjustable Weights

Replace your weights with these adjustable dumbbells by Bowflex. Just turn the dial and it automatically changes the resistance from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds. You won't have to store additional weights (these replace 15 sets), and the premium grips add extra safety. Compatible with the Bowflex SelectTech App, you'll also be able to record your trainings and keep track of your progress. ($249, usually $299; walmart.com)

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Bowflex Home Gym

We can't mention Bowflex without including one of its iconic exercise machines. Our pick: The PR1000 model, which combines cardio and muscle training in one workout. It also includes a built-in rowing machine, adjustable weight bench, and power rod with 210 pounds of resistance. If you're looking to invest in just one machine for your home gym, we highly recommend it be this—especially if it goes on sale at Walmart during Black Friday. ($399, usually $699; walmart.com)

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Rowing Machine

If you're looking to save on exercise equipment, then this rowing machine is a great option. Currently on sale, it boasts eight levels of resistance and a large display so you can count calories, measure time, and monitor progress. You'll be able to target legs, arms, back, core, and glutes depending on the workout you choose. Check out this cardio workout to get you started. ($210, usually $300; walmart.com)

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Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a helpful tool in any home gym; however, this one comes with a chair so you can roll around your home office too. The duo provides core and back support, so you get an ergonomic office chair and a piece of fitness equipment all in one. Want to take the ball into your gym? Just remove it from the chair and carry it over. There are several workouts you can use the ball for, but first you need to develop balance, and these exercise ball workouts can help you increase stability so you can make the most of your new gear. ($59, usually $80; hayneedle.com)

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