I've Used This Post-Gym Moisturizer for More Than Two Years and Sephora Shoppers Agree It's the Best

As someone that deals with dry skin in the winter and oily skin in the summer, finding a moisturizer that works for my skin through all the seasons has been a challenge. Two years ago I found this moisturizer by Murad, and I've never looked back.

Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel

Throughout college, I was constantly battling dry skin in the winter and oily skin during the summer. It got to the point where I was willing to try anything, which resulted in uneven, acne-riddled skin. At the end of my rope, I hopelessly went to my local Sephora to find yet another moisturizer to try. Little did I know, I was about to find a product that completely changed my skincare regimen and my skin for good.

After one in-store application I was immediately hooked. I even ended up purchasing the entire Murad one-stop kit. My dry skin instantly looked hydrated and I was surprised to see a brightness I thought was lost forever. Since my skin tends to be on the oily side during summer, I was initially worried this moisturizer wouldn't perform as well once the seasons changed; but thanks to the oil-free formula my skin stayed hydrated without causing any unwanted breakouts.

While I use this moisturizer daily, my favorite time to put it on is after a good sweat sesh. Once I've finished my workout I wash my face with my go-to cleanser then dab to apply this moisturizer to my cheeks, forehead, and chin. The hydrating gel goes on very easily and a lot goes a long way, so I use a dime-sized amount. Ideal for all skin types (including sensitive skin), this moisturizer will help improve dryness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with uneven texture and dullness.

I'm so grateful I found this moisturizer and will never give it up—and shoppers agree. The best-selling moisturizer has 10,000 loves on Sephora and 491 near-perfect reviews. One previously skeptical reviewer writes, "I'm a loyal user of another brand's products, so I was skeptical to try this one. However, after just five days of using the Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel I noticed a difference." Another reviewer says, "This moisturizer changed my life. Within two days of using it my skin got clearer, my fine lines were less visible, and my acne started to subside. This has been a miracle for me."

I've been using this moisturizer for two years now, and I get so many compliments on my skin. Plus, with so many rave reviews it's clear to see this moisturizer is a must-have!

Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel ($60; sephora.com)

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