Pack It Like a Pro: How to Be a Gym-Going Guru

For the no nonsense gym guru to the on-the-go working gal, making your workout as seamless as possible starts with your gear. We rounded up the best products to make your gym-going experience simple with versatile items that go far beyond your workout.


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Serious & Strappy

The ultimate everyday bag, this duffel from Lululemon was made for an on-the-go lifestyle. Water-resistant fabric lines this ultra spacious bag that comes with an abundance of pockets both on the interior and exterior of the duffel. The best part? This bag comes with built-in straps to hold your yoga mat so it is a smooth transition from the office to the yoga studio.

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Hung Up On This Bag

This Kate Spade makeup organizer is simple, chic, and oh so functional. House your makeup, beauty products, and toiletries all in one place. The built-in hanger makes it easy to access your cosmetics while in the locker room, but the fold-up design and zipper closure gives this bag extra bonus points for being an on-the-go lifesaver.

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Two-In-One Miracle

Doubling as a makeup remover and face wash all in one, the Sweat skin-balancing cleansing wipes are the perfect gym-bag companion. The individual packages make it easy to grab and go when washing your face— or let's be real: showering in general—just isn't an option.

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The Everything Bag

For the on-the-go gal who often rushes out of the office to make a 6 p.m. spin class, this O.M.G. Bag from Lo & Sons will be your new best friend. Sleek enough to carry all day long, this bag will serve as a functional work bag with enough room to hold your laptop and workout gear. Store your shoes in the bottom zipper compartment for ample space and watch heads turn at the gym as you are sure to have the chicest bag in the locker room.

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An Apple A Day...

You know what they say: an Apple *Watch* A Day Keeps The Unnecessary Electronics Away. If you haven't already invested in an Apple Watch, perhaps now is the time. Running on the treadmill has never been easier now that your cell phone, activity tracker, and stopwatch are all at the convenient location of your wrist. Does it get any more economical than that?

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Your Skin Miracle

Every gym bag needs a good BB cream living inside it, but for those who live a fast-paced, no nonsense lifestyle it is even more of a necessity. We love this DayWear cream by Estee Lauder because it serves as an oil-free moisturizer while creating an airbrushed complexion. Whether you're looking for some quick coverage as you head into a workout or want to cover your skin for a grocery trip post-workout, this BB cream will be your dream come true. Oh, and just in case you decide to bring your workout outside, this BB cream has an SPF 35 built in. A total win-win.

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The Locker Bag

Say goodbye to unpacking your gym bag only to still have to stuff it in the bottom of the locker. The Glo Bag is an ultimate locker room savior, with built in compartments and dividers keeping your shoes separate from your towel, and your makeup neatly nestled between. Hang this bag up while working up a sweat, and roll it into the two-strap backpack as you go to and from. It couldn't be easier!

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