Never Miss a Beat With These Wireless Headphones

Find the perfect wireless audio companion to help motivate you during your intense workout sessions.


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Sony Waterproof Walkman

Swim lap after lap listening to your pump-up playlist by sporting the Sony Waterproof Walkman during your next underwater workout. These wireless headphones can go as deep as 6.5 feet and still deliver a clear sound. They clip onto your ear for a secure fit, which makes your intense workouts even easier. Turn up the volume and make your workout a jam sesh with these wireless headphones. ($100;

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Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

If you're tired of getting your headphone cord in a tangled mess while mid-sit-up, then it's time to purchase wireless headphones to wear during your cardio exercise. Lift weights with a pair of wireless Beats on and your workouts will be 10 times better. These headphones transport premium sound, blocking out all other distractions while you're focused. Control the music being played with just a click of the multifunction on-ear controls. ($350;

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Jaybird X3 Sport Sparta Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Switch up your workout routine and go for a bike ride on the nearest trail listening to your favorite Spotify playlist. These wireless headphones can be worn comfortably with a variety of helmets without being too bulky or getting in the way. You can also stream the music straight from your smartwatch without having your phone nearby. Model these headphones on your next biking adventure. ($130;

go for a bike ride with these earbud headphones

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Jabra Elite Headphones

What's better than a pair of wireless headphones? One that also features as an activity tracker, checks your heart rate, and plays music at the same time. The Jabra Elite Headphones have many unique features that separate them from the pack: They sync up with the Jabra Sport Life app and will keep track of your heart rate and analyze your fitness levels while exercising. You can also listen to an audio coach motivate you through your workout by connecting your bluetooth with the app on your phone. ($250;

check your fitness levels with these wireless headphones

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JBL Reflect Headphone

Jog your way around an indoor track wearing the sleekest headphones out there. These JBL headphones are lightweight and sweat-proof, so you can push yourself through a killer workout without them slipping off. Plus, nighttime runners will be happy with the reflective cable, so you can be spotted in the dark. ($100;

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Get in the zone during your daily exercise routine wearing these sound-proof wireless headphones. When it comes to sound and function, Bose delivers exactly what you're wanting. These wireless headphones have a 20-hour battery life that delivers amazing sound, so step on the elliptical ready to sing and ready to set personal bests. ($349;

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Monster iSport Victory Headphones

Have you ever gone to the gym and realized you left you headphone connector for the iPhone 7 at home? We all pretty much have. Forget the hassle of having to pack the connector by choosing a wireless headphone to bring instead. The Monster iSport headphones allow you to connect to Bluetooth and play the songs hands-free. They block outside noise and moisture, leaving you with an awesome pair of workout headphones. ($150;

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8 of 8 Buttons Bluetooth Earphones

If you're looking for headphones that are easy to wear and deliver impeccable sound, the wireless headphones are for you. Treat yourself to surround sound and a deep base while pumping iron at the gym. They are easy to put in and take out without any problems. Not only are the functionable they are also fashionable to wear with your favorite gym outfit. ($200;

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