This Is the Only One-Piece Swimsuit I'll Ever Wear

I've always been partial to one-piece swimsuits and this one is by far my favorite. When I found the sporty-yet-stylish suit I was immediately sold—read on to see why.

O'Neill Harbor Tank One-Piece Hybrid Swimsuit

With summer fast approaching it's time to start thinking about swimwear, and with so many choices out there it makes the hunt for the perfect swimsuit challenging. Enter the O'Neill Harbor Tank One-Piece Hybrid Swimsuit. The second I saw this one piece I knew I had to have it, and trying it on made me love it even more. For starters, it's the one swimsuit that flatters my curves and fits perfectly. Plus, the mock-neck style makes it different from any other one piece I've ever owned.

Back when I swam competitively on a team, it was near impossible to find a one-piece swimsuit that would fit my long torso comfortably. While I no longer swim competitively, I still enjoy getting a good workout in by hitting the pool; which is why it was so important for me to find a quality swimsuit that wouldn't cause me discomfort. Not only does this one piece fit me comfortably, but it also helps me glide through the water with little to no resistance. Made with a hybrid Nair fabric that's extra comfortable and breathable, this one-piece swimsuit is more than perfect for water sports. When I'm wearing it to swim I feel like I've got a full range of motion.

While I love this swimsuit for swimming laps, it also gets serious points for style. I get so many compliments when I wear it that it's become my go-to swimsuit for the entire season. The zip-up back makes it flattering and also secure, so you'll never have to worry about too much exposure. Plus, with its black and white color scheme and a palm tree leaf pattern it has a classic-yet-fun feel to it. Thanks to the mock-neck design it's also easy to wear this swimsuit out as a top. We recommend pairing it with denim shorts or a strappy dress for a cute summer look you can almost wear anywhere.

O'Neill Harbor Tank One Piece Hybrid Swimsuit ($90;

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