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These Are a Few of My Favorite Running Things

Dani Sturtz

When it's time to hit the roads, you know you need a great sports bra and your favorite pair of pavement-pounding shoes. But what else do you really need? Well, beyond the basics, it's pretty personal. Some runners refuse to get sweaty without a fancy GPS watch or a killer playlist, while others require nothing more than a quiet trail in the woods. Here's what seven runners rely on when they're planning to go the distance.

"A tight ponytail holder and some tunes I can rock out to. I'm completely tone deaf and have the worst voice, so I apologize to anyone who has heard me rocking out in Central Park." —Beth Isaac, 38, New York City

"Cold weather, shorts that don't ride up, a hand-held water bottle, matching socks, and hat. Definitely a hat. I get anxiety just thinking about sweat running into my eyes!" —Danielle Cemprola, 30, Greenville, SC

"Ray-Ban aviators. I've yet to run a marathon without them. How can you run like a badass if you don't feel like one?" —Liz Heisler, 34, Chicago

"An awesome running route. I don't need fancy gear or the latest fashionable running clothes. As long as I have my favorite pair of shoes—the Saucony Mirage—and a winding road through the woods or mountains, I'm a happy runner." —Lauren Conkey, 31, Worcester, MA

"Pockets or a SPIbelt. I sometimes don't know where I'm going or for how long, so I need a place to shove a phone, MetroCard, and some cash in case I end up lost or exhausted. This came in handy on an accidental 12-mile run once. I thought I was just going for a jog but ended up crossing the Pulaski, Queensborough, and Williamsburg Bridges. Oops." —Samantha Cosenza, 28, Brooklyn, NY

"Shorts with lots of pockets, watermelon-flavored Nuun, a soft surface to run on, like the Bridle Path in Central Park, and my group of running buddies." —Dani Sturtz, 33, NYC

"A good muscle tank, shorts with pockets, and a route mapped out by my expert-route-mapper roommate, who doesn't believe in running the same way twice. She knows how to always incorporate new views into a direction that almost always ends at the best new brunch spot." —Sam Hamill, 29, Hoboken, NJ