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8 Reasons to Run Today


Some days, you spring out of bed and can't wait to jump into your shoes and head out for a run. Other days...not so much. If your motivation is lacking, consider these eight reasons to run right now.

1. It really is the best way to start or end your day.

Sure, that snooze button can be tempting, or happy hour could be beckoning. But getting sweaty as the sun rises feels pretty darn cool (and badass), and happy hour can wait, well, an hour. Kicking your day off with a run helps you get centered and energized for the day, and winding down with an evening run helps put the day behind you. (Sweat out that work stress!) Try it.

2. That race you're registered for isn't going to run itself.

You signed up for a race—yay! And while skipping a run or two won't totally derail your training, the race isn't going to PR itself. You have to put in the work in order to make it to that start and finish line.

3. It's a great way to de-stress.

Got a grouchy boss? A needy client? A takes-all-the-credit coworker? Blow off that steam by hitting the road. Leave your phone at home or put it on airplane mode so you're not tempted to "take a walk break" (which, loosely translated, means "stop and check email real quick and maybe scroll Instagram or add to your Snap story"). Enjoy the time being unplugged and away from all the madness.

4. You're guaranteed to find a few rare Pokémon along the way.

Need a Charizard? Maybe there's one a few miles away. Run to catch it!

5. It'll help you live longer.

A run a day really can keep the doctor away—at least for a while. Turns out, there are twice as many deaths due to lack of exercise than to obesity.

6. Because that breakfast—and second breakfast—will taste so much better after a run.

You by no means need to #runtoeat, but sometimes, that big bowl of berry-topped oatmeal or that stack of hearty protein pancakes really does taste better after a super sweaty run. Reasons to run = will run for waffles.

7. You'll never regret a run.

There's a reason this popular Instagrammy phrase is so double-tappable. Unless you're injured or ill—in which case, give it a rest, OK?—you'll almost always feel better post-run. Tell yourself you'll run for 10 minutes and then you can stop. (Spoiler: We bet you'll keep going.)

8. The runner's high is real.

Seriously. It's science.