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14 Reasons to Embrace the Running Buddy System

  • November Project NYC

    It's the Best Way to Catch Up

    "I'd rather go for a run with a friend than catch up over drinks and greasy happy hour food," says Lucy Wallace, 27. "It's obviously healthier, but it's also cheaper and feels a lot more productive."

  • BOLD Worldwide

    There's No Judgment

    "If you're running with a friend, you don't have to worry about your pace or your skill level," says Alexa Saltzman, 22. "Whatever level you are, you know that your friend accepts you—and can probably help you with whatever goals you want to achieve."

  • Instagram/liysafaye

    It's More Fun Getting High Together

    Endorphin high, that is. "After six or seven miles, things start to get weird and giggly," says Liysa Faye Mendels, 29. "The best part is, it's 100 percent legal."

  • Lucy Wallace

    It's A Good Distraction

    "When I'm running by myself, I'm constantly worrying about my pace and what mile I'm on," says Wallace. "I'll get so frustrated if I'm not at race pace all the time. But I find that when I run with friends, I don't look at my watch at all."

  • BOLD Worldwide

    You Can Learn From Each Other

    "Running with someone else is a great learning opportunity," says Saltzman. "Whether it's a new breathing technique or a form tip, running together is a great way to learn from each other so you can improve."

  • Instagram/liysafaye

    The Encouragement Is Free

    "When I run with my favorite pace-setter, we find that we keep telling each other we should slow down, but somehow we magically push each other faster and faster," says Mendels. "It's a fun way to get supportive encouragement with just a pinch of friendly competition."

  • Caitlin Dilena

    It's A Time To Talk

    "I always end up talking through life's problems on the run with friends," says Caitlin Dilena, 28. "It's a much more authentic conversation when we're running, for some reason."

  • November Project NYC

    Your Friends Will Keep You Moving

    "There are so many times when I'm running alone that I want to stop and take a break," says Alexandra Burke, 27. "But having a friend there to remind me that we only have four miles left keeps me moving every time."

  • Caitlin Dilena

    Fact: Friends Make You Faster

    "I'm a bit slower than most of my friends," says Dilena. "So I try to run faster so I don't disappoint them—even though I know they won't actually be disappointed in me."

  • Jessica Snider-Rodriguez

    It Encourages Healthy Competition

    "Running with friends pushes you to be a better runner," says Jessica Snider-Rodriguez, 27. "No one wants to be the first one to quit or suggest slowing down. So you dig and you keep going. It's harder to quit when you have someone next to you, pushing you to keep going and be better. Even if you're not talking, it's comforting to have someone next to you. You can suffer together!"

  • Lucy Wallace

    Believe It Or Not, You Can Run With Friends No Matter Your Varying Paces

    "If I'm running with faster friends, I'm going to push myself," says Wallace. "If I'm with a slower friend, I can run longer and use it as more of an endurance run. No matter the speed, it's better with friends."

  • Laura Ann Walsh

    There's Strength In Numbers

    "I'm a great negotiator with myself," says Laura Ann Walsh, 32. "I'll tell myself, 'Laura, I know you were going to do eight hill repeats today, but you can totally just do six and call it a day.' But when I'm with a group, the mentality is that we said we were going to do eight repeats, so we're doing eight repeats."

  • Dana Karassik

    It Forces You To Be More Present

    "If I'm running alone, I'm going to think about everything I have to do that day, or I'll dwell on all the stressful stuff I dealt with all day long," says Dana Karassik, 31. "But if I run with a friend, it takes my mind off the day and lets me focus on catching up and spending time together."

  • Jessica Snider-Rodriguez

    It'll Strengthen Your Friendship

    "Running helps you get to know your friends on a whole new level," says Snider-Rodriguez. "We're so plugged in and connected these days. Running is one of the only times you can get someone truly one-on-one, without any distractions. My running friends know me best, without a doubt. I continually find myself pouring my heart out, asking for advice, and talking out big decisions when I'm running with my friends. Nothing can compare to that quality time."