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Meat Bars Are Coming to Stores Near You


Brussels sprouts soda? Chocolate-dipped potato chips? Wine-infused ice cream? Just when you thought that every conceivable weird snack-food mashup (OK, we want a bag of those chips, though) has been done, here comes a new product. This time, it's supposedly (and surprisingly) healthy.

Behold the meat bar. This latest creation from Hershey's Chocolate recent acquisition Krave Pure Foods is a hybrid of jerky and a candy bar. To launch, the bars will come in three flavors: black cherry barbecue, basil citrus, and pineapple orange. No word on if any bar options will contain chocolate.

While they might sound strange, the meat bars solve the very real problem of finding a portable protein that doesn't need refrigeration, as any girl who's ever toted a baggie of cold, cooked chicken breast in their purse will understand—don't judge. It's this type of protein-shake-swilling, health-minded customer that the company says they're targeting.

The meat bars are designed for consumers who pore over nutrition labels and are looking for a break from Greek yogurt and chalky protein bars. Unfortunately, labels on the meat bar aren't available just yet, so you can't see exactly how these snacks will stack up against the portable protein competitors (which are few if you forget about all the bars for a second). Based on the names of the flavors alone, it's fair to say the bar may be a little high in the sugar department—not to mention the problem of artificial preservatives used in making meat shelf-stable. But this is probably just the beginning of the meat bar trend, estimates Fortune, who cites several other companies coming out with their own meat-based snack bars. The goal is to make a meat that can be easily eaten and tastes good without being too chewy, like a jerky, which has lead to experimenting with different baking and ingredient techniques. Can't wait to test out these meat bars for yourself? The product is expected to hit shelves by summer.