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15 Delicious Hummus Dishes That Go Where No Dip Has Gone Before

  • Abbey's Kitchen

    Hummus Quesadilla with Pomegranate and Feta

    This family-friendly meal puts a Middle Eastern spin on a Mexican classic by combining hummus, feta cheese, pomegranate seeds, and colorful veggies. The hummus works as a perfect fiber-packed glue to keep the quesadilla together, while adding a ton of bold flavor and creamy texture.

    Get the recipe: Hummus Quesadilla with Pomegranate and Feta

  • Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen

    Hummus Brownie Bites

    These better-for-you brownies are made with just half a cup of sugar, a banana for natural sweetness, cocoa powder for a chocolaty flavor, and nutrient-dense hummus as a replacement for butter. Not that you ever need more reasons to eat chocolate, but this is a REALLY good excuse.

    Get the recipe: Hummus Brownie Bites

  • Nutritioulicious

    Lemon Hummus Endive Boats with Pomegranate Seeds

    Low in calories and packed with fiber and protein, these pretty little handheld snacks make the ideal canapé for your next dinner party—or just them as a midafternoon snack. (Did you know hummus is one of 6 Smart Snacks for After Your Workout?)

    Get the recipe: Lemon Hummus Endive Boats

  • Bite of Health Nutrition

    Twice-Baked Cheesy Hummus Potato Bites

    You might love twice-baked potatoes but could probably do without the crazy calories that come with them. This recipe trims the fat while boosting fiber, protein, and flavor just by swapping in creamy hummus for your traditional sour cream.

    Get the recipe: Twice-Baked Cheesy Hummus Potato Bites

  • Abbey's Kitchen

    3-Ingredient Hummus Burgers

    These gluten-free burgers are made with just three ingredients: ground beef, onion, and hummus (duh)! The hummus keeps the burgers super moist and flavorful. You're going to want to fire up that grill!

    Get the recipe: 3-Ingredient Hummus Burgers

  • Juggling with Julia

    Lemony Hummus Dressing

    Skip the store-bought dressing and simply whip up a healthy vinaigrette to top your midday bed of greens. That's just one of the ways to Spice Up Your Lunchtime Salad—no one wants to see another #saddesksalad. With a creamy body and a satisfying nutty, citrus flavor, hummus makes a genius base for any dressing.

    Get the recipe: Lemony Hummus Dressing

  • Bite of Health Nutrition

    Mediterranean Black Olive Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs may seem like a healthy choice, but when they are traditionally loaded up with full-fat mayo, they pack a major caloric punch. But not these little devils! By swapping in hummus for that mayo, you can get the same dreamy texture with a major upgrade in the nutrition department.

    Get the recipe: Mediterranean Black Olive Deviled Eggs

  • Abbey's Kitchen

    Prosciutto-Wrapped Hummus Chicken Breasts with Cranberries and Caramelized Onions

    Update your boring chicken breast dinner with a crust made of caramelized onions, hummus, and simple canned cranberry sauce. Bonus points for deliciousness because it's all held together by crispy salty prosciutto. This one here, my friends, is a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    Get the recipe: Hummus Chicken Breasts with Prosciutto, Cranberries, and Caramelized Onions

  • the Foodie Dietitian

    Spicy Creamy Sweet Potato Hummus Soup

    Want a creamy, thick soup without the calories or fat from heavy cream? Just add hummus! Hummus not only adds luscious body to this easy vegetarian soup, but its nutty flavor also helps balance out the sweetness of the root vegetable.

    Get the recipe: Spicy Creamy Sweet Potato Hummus Soup

  • Food, Pleasure & Health

    Spring Vegetable Hummus Pasta

    If you can boil pasta, add a handful of veggies, and swirl in a few spoonfuls of store-bought hummus, you can make this vegan spring dinner. Not only does the hummus provide an instant boost of zippy flavor, but it also creates a thick, creamy sauce without any cream!

    Get the recipe: Spring Vegetable Hummus Pasta

  • Abbey's Kitchen

    Hummus Pizza Vegetarian Flatbread with Pomegranate and Feta

    Turn that extra pita and hummus into a tasty flatbread pizza! This recipe combines your favorite Middle Eastern flavors in an easy and healthy pizza complete with pomegranate seeds, feta, golden raisins, pine nuts, and veggies.

    Get the recipe: Hummus Pizza Vegetarian Flatbread with Pomegranate and Feta

  • Food, Pleasure & Health

    Cauliflower Hummus Bites

    These adorable little cauliflower hummus bites are like tater tots but without any crazy carb overload! The hummus not only adds a creamy consistency, but it also acts as glue to keep these croquettes together. The result? An awesome tailgate party food that makes it easy to sneak in an extra serving of veggies.

    Get the recipe: Cauliflower Hummus Bites

  • Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen

    Hummus, Chicken & Grape Tartines

    Everyone else might be talking about avocado toast, but we're way more pumped about hummus toast! This easy lunch or hand-held dinner offers a double whammy of protein thanks to a base of tasty hummus and store-bought rotisserie chicken.

    Get the recipe: Hummus, Chicken & Grape Tartines

  • The Nutrition Adventure

    Spicy Hummus Mushroom Poppers

    Stuffed mushrooms are super tasty, but they're notorious little calorie bombs thanks to their usual sausage, cheese, and breadcrumb stuffing. Here's a better idea. This recipe simplifies and lightens up the classic finger food with a healthy dollop of high-protein hummus.

    Get the recipe: Spicy Hummus Mushroom Poppers

  • Emily Kyle Nutrition

    Southwestern Hummus-Stuffed Empanadas

    By replacing traditional empanada fillings like beef and cheese with hummus, you get the addictive flavor of your favorite Latin snack without the calories and saturated fat.

    Get the recipe: Southwestern Hummus-Stuffed Empanadas


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