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This DIY Popsicle Helps You Recover Better Than Any Sports Drink


Some worry that melon ranks high on the sugar scale for a fruit, but there's no doubt that the stuff has a lot of positive effects on our bodies. A crowd favorite? Watermelon. It's a powerhouse when it comes to hydration and refueling (not to mention its nutritional value for minimal calories). Not only does it reduce soreness and boost athletic performance, but it can also help with inflammation and even cardiovascular health. (See: Is Watermelon Actually Healthy?) And since it tastes so darn delicious, it works perfectly as a snack, in salads, on the side, or as a dessert. (Just wait 'til you try this watermelon ice cream.)

That's why Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., developed the perfect recipe that uses watermelon to help you recover after a tough workout. She paired it with sea salt to create these watermelon electrolyte pops—the sea salt serves as electrolyte replenishment. With just two ingredients, these pops are easy to prep ahead of time, and at only 25 calories per serving you can rest easy about the sugar content (making them the perfect alternative to sugary sports drinks).

Blatner suggests having one pop before the gym and one after for ideal recovery. They're also great to pack for a hot day at the beach (because watermelon also reduces belly bloat). So really, you have every reason to DIY and keep cool year-round.

Ready to make 'em yourself? Get Blatner's recipe here.