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10 Nut Butter Recipes You'll Love

  • Tori Avey

    Nut Butter Recipes: Sunflower Butter

    A perfect alternative for those with nut allergies, sunflower butter is made from sunflower seeds and is full of protein and vitamin E. This recipe from Tori Avey lets you control the salt and sweetness levels, making it totally customizable as you experiment with what tastes best. (Tori says adding a touch of honey and sea salt makes it totally irresistible.)

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  • Texan Erin

    Nut Butter Recipes: Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

    It looks sinful, but it's totally not. (Dontcha love when that happens?) This chocolaty butter is naturally sweetened and requires only four ingredients. Not to mention it's vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. We recommend enjoying it with pretzels for a savory-sweet combo—that is, if you can resist licking straight from the spoon.

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  • Cookie and Kate

    Nut Butter Recipes: Pecan Butter

    Toast pecans before tossing them in a food processor to get a silky smooth nut butter that carries maple undertones. A dash of cinnamon and a bit of salt (but no oil!) really take this recipe from Cookie and Kate over the top. Kate recommends enjoying atop homemade banana or pumpkin muffins—we like this Paleo version.

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  • The Healthy Foodie

    Nut Butter Recipes: Cashew Butter

    Cashews may look bland and tasteless, but looks can be deceiving. Grinding the raw nut in a powerful food processor—you don't even need to add a liquid—results in a thick, creamy nut butter that tastes like "icing in a jar," says Sonia. Betcha never thought cashews would satisfy your sweet tooth!

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  • All Sorts of Pretty

    Nut Butter Recipes: Almond Butter

    Adding honey and sea salt to a traditional almond butter is what makes Katy's take on the nutty spread rise above the rest. Coconut oil helps smooth out the texture—and adds another dose of healthy fats—to really round out the recipe.

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  • KetoDiet

    Nut Butter Recipes: Cashew and Almond Butter

    If you can't decide between cashews and almonds, well, don't. Combining the two in a food processor blends the best of both worlds and gives you a wider variety of nutrients. If you prefer a smoother texture, Martina suggests adding a bit of almond or macadamia oil until you reach your desired consistency.

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  • Ambitious Kitchen

    Nut Butter Recipes: Dark Chocolate Almond Butter with Sea Salt

    "It's like Nutella, but wayyy better." That's how Monique describes her healthier twist on the Italian classic. "It's creamy and sweet, yet not overly indulgent. Try it on toast or spread on strawberries or bananas." Is anyone else already planning their next date night meal, err, snack—or is that just us?

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  • Top with Cinnamon

    Nut Butter Recipes: Toasted Coconut Hazelnut Butter

    Pure coconut butter can get a bit gritty. But adding hazelnut, like Izy does in this nut butter recipe, produces a smooth and subtly sweet spread. She recommends layering it on whole-grain bread with sliced banana and a sprinkle of flaky salt for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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  • Simply Shellie

    Nut Butter Recipes: Peanut Butter

    Yes, it's super easy to buy a jar of PB at the grocery store and be done with it. But opting for a homemade version lets you crank up the creativity. Shellie offers up five different varieties—including cinnamon raisin and honey roasted—to cater to however your taste buds are feeling each day of the work week.

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  • Coffee and Quinoa

    Nut Butter Recipes: Maple Vanilla Macadamia Nut Butter

    Don't let the name fool you: This recipe also contains cashews, giving us the perfect balance of nut profiles. Macadamias provide a decadent, creamy touch while the cashews weave in some much-needed savoriness. Blending both with maple syrup and vanilla only sweetens the spoon.

    Get the recipe: Coffee and Quinoa


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