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Brilliant Bento Box Ideas for Lunch

  • Beneficial Bento

    Burrito Bowl Bento

    The burrito bowl bento is packed with protein from the black beans and pulled pork, which will keep you full until dinner. Bonus: It's a great way to use leftover veggies you have already chopped up.

    Get the recipe: Burrito Bowl Bento

  • Basic Tokyo

    Asparagus Pork Rolls Bento Box

    The asparagus pork rolls are quick and easy to make and taste just as good as takeout. The video tutorial makes the recipe and assembly simple to follow along, so even a kitchen-newbie can handle it.

    Get the recipe: Asparagus Pork Rolls Bento Box

  • Marla Meridith

    Salami and Cheese Bento Box

    Your go-to lunch from elementary school just got an adult makeover. Between the salami, cheeses, and crunchy veggies, we guarantee you'll be the envy of the break room.

    Get the recipe: Salami and Cheese Bento Box

  • Snixy Kitchen

    Chicken Pesto Zucchini Noodles Bento

    Break out the spiralizer and make some zoodles for your bento box lunch. Take your meal to next-level tasty with homemade basil pesto. Cookie cutter fruit: optional (but cute, right?).

    Get the recipe: Chicken Pesto Zucchini Noodles Bento

  • Living Lou

    Vegetarian Taco Wraps

    When cut into spirals, these black bean taco wraps fit perfectly into any bento box lunch. Switch up your sides with whatever fruit and veggies are in season, and you have a complete meal.

    Get the recipe: Vegetarian Taco Wraps

  • Back to Her Roots

    Greek Quinoa Salad Bento

    This Greek quinoa salad looks delicious and is chock-full of fresh vegetables, but there are fun variations on the sides and combinations to make lunch feel different every day.

    Get the recipe: Greek Quinoa Salad Bento

  • Foodlicious Love

    Paleo Breakfast Box

    Bento boxes are the perfect way to bring breakfast to the office—especially on those days when you're running a little late. Bypass the carbs with this Paleo version containing fresh fruit, jerky, a hard-boiled egg, and almonds.

    Get the recipe: Paleo Breakfast Box

  • Cooking in Sens

    Salmon and Marinated Shrimp Salad Bento

    Salmon and shrimp provide the healthy omega-3 fats and protein, but the real MVP of this dish is the homemade Thousand Island dressing.

    Get the recipe: Salmon and Marinated Shrimp Salad Bento

  • Adventures in Bentomaking

    Ham Sandwich Bento

    A simple ham sandwich gets elevated to a café-quality meal all thanks to a box. Your mother was right when she said presentation makes food taste better. Or maybe that was Martha Stewart.... Either way, this sandwich tastes good.

    Get the recipe: Ham Sammie Bento

  • Veggie Bento Love

    Baked Tofu and Potato Salad Bento

    Barbecue sauce will aid even the tofu-phobic into loving the plant-based protein. Round out your lunch with potato salad, raw veggies, and small square of dark chocolate.

    Get the recipe: Baked Tofu and Potato Salad Bento