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Fresh, Healthy Fruit Salads

  • Curried Scallop-Apple Salad

    Curry complements seared scallops, tart apples, and sweet dried cranberries while toasted almonds add crunch in this quick fall dinner salad.

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  • Roasted Pear & Arugula Salad with Pomegranate-Chipotle Vinaigrette

    The chipotle in the dressing gives a hint of smokiness and a touch of heat that is wonderful with sweet pear. Apples may be used in place of the pears.

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  • Couscous & Fruit Salad

    Try this fruit-and-nut-studded couscous salad alongside grilled salmon or chicken for supper, or on its own for a fresh lunchbox treat.

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  • Raspberry, Avocado & Mango Salad

    Pureed raspberries give the tangy wine vinegar dressing a creamy texture that gently clings to the lettuce and fruit. This is a salad to enjoy when fresh berries are in the market.

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  • Tropical Cucumber Salad

    Combine cucumber, avocado, and mango with a salty-sweet dressing for a taste of the tropics.

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  • Wheat Berry Salad with Red Fruit

    For this sweet and tart salad, wheat berries are blended with cranberries, apples, and pecans and tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette — a winning combination. Serve over a bed of peppery arugula for lunch or a light supper.

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  • Romaine Salad with Orange, Feta & Beans

    Adding canned beans is a quick, convenient way to make a salad into a meal — they boost the protein to make the salad more satisfying. We call for kidney beans, but other canned beans like cannellinis or black beans would also work nicely.

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  • Crunchy Pear & Celery Salad

    Crisp pears are tossed with Cheddar cheese and pecans in this delicious salad. For an Italian twist, try a good Parmesan with some toasted pine nuts; or to go British, use crumbled Stilton and toasted walnuts.

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  • Papaya-Avocado Salad

    Crunchy jicama and walnuts pair with creamy papaya and avocado for an unusual salad.

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  • Banana-Kiwi Salad

    Put away any preconceived notions of Grandma's fruit salad. This unusual combination of tropical fruit in a savory shallot vinaigrette will have you dreaming of the tropics.

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  • Orange & Avocado Salad

    This colorful salad would be a welcome addition to a Mexican-inspired meal.

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  • Mango Salad with Ginger-Raisin Vinaigrette

    In this recipe, juicy mangoes are paired with fresh ginger plus an unusual combination of golden raisins and malt vinegar, which adds great complexity to an otherwise basic mixed green salad.

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  • Curried Waldorf Salad

    The famous Waldorf Salad, full of apples, celery, raisins, and walnuts, gets a healthful makeover with a touch of golden curry. It has nearly twice the fiber of typical versions.

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  • Fennel & Orange Salad with Toasted Pistachios

    For this elegant salad, sweet-tasting fennel bulbs are thinly sliced and tossed with salty toasted pistachios, oranges, and tangy lime juice. Jicama or radishes add another layer of texture and earthy flavor.

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  • Roasted Apple & Cheddar Salad

    Roasted apples and Cheddar cheese turn an ordinary mixed green salad into something extra special. You can use pears for this recipe as well.

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  • Spinach, Avocado & Mango Salad

    This salad offers a wealth of color and texture, as well as antioxidants.

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  • Roasted Corn, Black Bean & Mango Salad

    This simple, fresh-tasting salad adds delicious variety to grilled foods, such as salmon, halibut, chicken, or pork. Browning the corn in a skillet gives it a nutty, caramelized flavor that contrasts with the sweetness of the mango.

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  • Endive & Pomegranate Salad

    Please your guests with the contrasting textures and flavors of crunchy Belgian endives, juicy oranges, and tart, ruby-red pomegranate seeds. The addition of cooked shrimp makes this an elegant first course.

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  • Sweet & Tangy Watermelon Salad

    Watermelon cubes make this salad extra refreshing.

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  • Fresh Tuna Salad with Tropical Fruits

    Colorful tropical fruit contrasts with slightly bitter salad greens and fresh tuna steak to make a refreshing main-dish salad.

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  • Mixed Lettuce, Fennel & Orange Salad with Black Olive Vinaigrette

    This colorful salad offers a symphony of flavors and textures. Savory black olives, sweet orange slices, and crisp, licorice-flavored fennel balance the slightly bitter tastes of chicory, radicchio, and Belgian endive.

    Originally published on, January 2010.

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