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Healthy Lunch Recipe Ideas

These healthy lunch recipes include healthy sandwiches, make-ahead salads, and hearty soups. Our healthy lunch recipes help you make the most of your lunch break (and stay out of the drive-thru.)

Bored with the usual ham and cheese or PB&J? Look forward to eating your packed lunch again with these healthy, delicious, and unique sandwich recipes.

Dreading the treadmill time you'll have to clock to burn off these babies? No worries. Our chicken fingers taste just like the real thing — but with about a tenth of the fat.

These healthy lunches from our You Can Do It! diet plans make it easy to track your calories all week long.

It's a nutritious—and still delicious—way to transform your #SadDeskLunch routine.

Step aside, Seamless. We've got the ultimate brown-bag lunch that will keep you fueled and focused well into the dreaded 4 o'clock hour.

These vegetarian lunch ideas are are packed with interesting, healthy ingredients that make that boring ol' turkey sandwich look, well, boring. 

Everything tastes better in a bowl.

Not to mention they're dietitian-approved.

Lettuce, turkey, and even banana wraps will leave you feeling totally satisfied after lunch.

We love a good spin on zoodles, and this one is as summery as they come.

These healthy lunches come together in no time.

Give your coworkers lunch envy with this gorgeous, easy-to-make black rice sushi recipe.

Eat like a nutrition pro with these midday meals from dietitians who know a thing or two about healthy eating.

The bento box trend is in full swing and these 10 ideas prove it's not a kid-only idea.

An exclusive recipe straight from the model and foodie's long-awaited cookbook, Cravings

Rethink your regular bowl of roughage and try a nutrient-packed creative kale salad recipe instead.

Just when you thought melty cheese oozing from two pieces of bread was enough, fresh vegetables and bold flavors take it to the next level—and make it healthy, too.