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How to Cook Tofu


Why It's Good for You

Tofu is packed with protein (20 grams per half cup) and low in calories (just 183 per four ounces) and contains alpha-linoleic acid, a heart-healthy fat. Research suggests that soy protein found in tofu can lower your risk of a heart attack.

How to Season and Cook Tofu

"Most people don't season or cook tofu properly," says Lon Symensma, executive chef at Buddakan, an Asian restaurant in New York City. Here's how to make it just right every time.

1. Cut tofu into half-inch cubes. The smaller they are, the better they cook.

2. Coat the cubes lightly with cornstarch to absorb any excess moisture.

3. Season tofu with zesty spices like ginger, ground red pepper, and/or paprika.

4. Saute in oil over high heat for 45 seconds to a minute — just long enough to sear the outside and heat the inside.

Healthy Tofu Recipes

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