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Healthy Eating Tips

Frozen vs. fresh? What foods can cause heartburn? What's the deal with preservatives? We've got the answers to all your healthy eating questions, and we'll help you make sure your diet is as healthy as possible.

Just because that bag of chips is calling your name doesn't mean you have to answer. Read on to silence your cravings and ramp up your willpower.

If you come to a fork in the rotini, grab it.

Considering that most of us go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner five times a week, you would think we'd all be pros at avoiding restaurant fat traps.

Can't remember where you put those car keys or what you made for dinner last night? Amp up your memory by revamping your diet. Here's what to eat for a better brain.

A new study from BYU shows that Instagramming your food or looking at others' shots over and over again can make it less appealing to eat. Oh no!

A syrup-soaked breakfast treat isn't the only thing you can make with a waffle iron. We found surprisingly healthy ways to use six cooking tools that are gathering dust in your kitchen.

Grabbing groceries can be a tough job, especially when you have to avoid the siren call of potato chips, sugary cereals, and all those candy bars by the checkout counter.

Americans are giving in to the oversized portions that taunt us everywhere we go, filling our foods with fat and unnecessary calories. With an obesity epidemic on the rise, here's how to fight back.

Brush up on the know-how you need for your bevy of end-of-summer BBQs.

It's a vicious cycle: You sweat your butt off at the gym, then stuff your face when you get home. Follow our seven simple strategies to end the oink-fests.

Learn how to break free of the constant cravings and finally take sweet control of your diet.

Sneaking veggies into your meals is one easy way to trim fat. Try our other genius cooking tricks to slash hundreds of calories a day without feeling deprived.

If you want to perform like a pro athlete (and who doesn't, really?), news flash: It's not all about the training. You are what you eat, too.

Have a lot on your plate? Paring down your portions is the easiest secret to staying slim.

Quit playing hunger games. The new rules of dieting will surprise you — and keep you slim and satisfied.

Think twice before tossing those peels, stems or leafy tops.

Eating out can often be a diet weakness, but what if yours is just the opposite? At home, there are endless choices of desserts, calorie-packed dinners, and leftovers to last you a lifetime.