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Healthy Eating Tips

Frozen vs. fresh? What foods can cause heartburn? What's the deal with preservatives? We've got the answers to all your healthy eating questions, and we'll help you make sure your diet is as healthy as possible.

When lactose has you down, try these options instead

The secret to maxing out your workout? Breakfast. Here, what to eat based on how you'll be moving.

Prepping meals you can freeze for later saves you money, time, and calories—if it's done right.

If you're going out for a #cheatday meal, you probably aren't expecting to get a plate full of delicious, indulgent food for 100 cals. But a meal that has an entire day's worth? Yikes. 

Making diner classics at home doesn't have to be disastrous for your diet. These lighter versions still hit the spot.

Get the scoop on this important micronutrient, then find ways to incorporate zinc-rich foods into your diet with these recipe ideas.

These concoctions might seem a little wacky, but they're crazy-popular among the lady lifters for a reason. They taste delish and will fit your macros like whoa.

Eating healthy doesn't need to be complicated. Use these tips when deciding what to make for the week.

Ever wonder how hard it would be to really live a sugar-free life? One woman decided to find out if she could give up sugar for real.

Research reveals a new drug could help you eat less sugar, but there are better ways to cut your sugar intake.

Over the past week, more than 40,000 cans of tuna have been recalled for concerns that they could cause food poisoning. So, what does that mean for your lunch this week?

Sorry, your favorite local haunt may be just as unhealthy as its national chain counterpart, says a new study. Make dining out healthy with these tiny tricks.

There's a science to choosing the perfect energy supply to help you fly through your miles. We tapped some top pros to make it simple.

Putting a scoop of protein powder in your smoothie is a no-brainer.

Umami—the "fifth taste" everyone forgets about—is distinct from its better-known siblings (salty, sweet, sour, and bitter) thanks to its smooth and savory qualities.

Find yourself reaching for that bottle of Aleve every 28 days on the dot? Put it away.