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When it comes to your health, these foods pack the biggest nutritional bang for your calorie buck. From energy-boosting fruits to snacks that fight wrinkles, these foods are changing the way we define "health food."

Startup food companies are trying to get America hooked on a whole new type of protein: bugs.

Registered dietitian Deborah Tagliareni explains what exactly a "pulse" is and why they're ideal for a healthy diet.

Are you missing your local farmers' market?

Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow—there's a whole crew of celebs who seem to have Benjamin Button syndrome.

Cozy and comforting meals you'll want to eat all day long.

You might already be using beauty products that list avocado oil as an ingredient.

Sick of the same old pumpkin-spiced everything? These international dishes use the season's favorite flavor for pumpkin recipes like you've never tasted them before.

From childhood, we learned beans are a magical fruit. The fiber, protein, and variety of nutrients they contain are just a few reasons that's true—and why you should be eating more of them.

From fall-favorite butternut to summer-staple zucchini, there are some common denominators when it comes to the nutrition benefits of squash: free-radical-fighting vitamin A, immune-boosting vitamin C

Apples have fiber to keep you full, help to regulate blood sugar levels, and are a great source of vitamin C.

Your days of unhealthy snacking are a thing of the past, thanks to this easy-to-make, super-nutritious snack food.

If you consider Brussels sprouts the black sheep of the veggie world, you just haven't found the right Brussels sprouts recipe yet.

Ready to upgrade your avocado game beyond just guac and salads? Turns out, the superfood is super versatile. Read on for recipes you'll love.

The FDA recommends consuming an ounce and a half of nuts (about a handful, or 240 calories) per day, but only four out of 10 Americans eat nuts on a daily basis, according to a recent CDC study.

Move over, green juice. The newest liquid health darling is meant to warm you up while blasting your body with minerals.

Bumpy, gnarly root vegetables aren't the prettiest produce-section picks. They're easy to overlook next to vivid rainbow chard or a pile of glossy pomegranates.

Sure, we all love jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkin spiced lattes in the fall, but let's think beyond the PSL this year.