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2008 Healthy Food Awards: The Best Frozen Foods

  • Best Cheese Pizza

    Kashi All Natural Original Crust Five Cheese Tomato Pizza
    Fresh (not frozen) taste with a crunchy crust. The flaxseed adds heart-healthy omega-3s to your diet.

    Per 1/3 pizza: 290 calories, 14g protein, 37g carbohydrate, 9g fat (3.5g saturated), 4g fiber.

  • Best Veggie Pizza

    Amy's Spinach Pizza
    A yummy blend of mozzarella and feta cheese with just enough organic spinach. Delicious!

    Per 1/3 pizza: 310 calories, 12g protein, 38g carbohydrate, 12g fat (4g saturated), 2g fiber.

  • Best Veggie Burger

    Boca Meatless All American Flame Grilled Burgers
    A veggie burger that tastes meaty.

    Per burger: 90 calories, 14g protein, 4g carbohydrate, 3g fat (1g saturated), 3g fiber.

  • Best Frozen Veggie Dinner

    Boca Meatless Lasagna Chunky Tomato & Herb Sauce
    A pretty close imitation of homemade. And, thanks to the Boca bits, this dish packs a solid 21 grams of protein.

    Per package: 290 calories, 21g protein, 42g carbohydrate, 5g fat (2g saturated), 5g fiber.

  • Best Frozen Dinner

    Kashi All Natural Chicken Florentine
    Freshly grilled chicken on top of a hearty whole-grain pilaf. It kept testers satisfied for hours.

    Per entree: 290 calories, 22g protein, 31g carbohydrate, 9g fat (4.5g saturated), 5g fiber.

  • Best Frozen Veggies

    Birds Eye Classic Mixed Vegetables
    A mix of corn, carrots, peas, and green beans. Four minutes in the microwave and the veggies are perfectly steamed.

    Per 2/3 cup: 60 calories, 2g protein, 12g carbohydrate, 0g fat (0g saturated), 2g fiber.

  • Best Frozen Stir-Fry Mix

    Green Giant Create a Meal! Teriyaki Stir-Fry
    The savory sauce made this stir-fry mix a big hit.

    Per 1 1/2 cups, as packaged: 50 calories, 3g protein, 10g carbohydrate, 0g fat (0g saturated), 3g fiber.

  • Best Frozen Fries

    Alexia Olive Oil and Sea Salt Oven Fries
    Just how you would make them: thick, crispy potato wedges lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt.

    Per 3 ounces: 120 calories, 2g protein, 21g carbohydrate, 3.5g fat (0g saturated), 2g fiber.

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, June 2008.