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The Fit Girl's Grocery Guide

Clueless about what to put in your grocery cart? Our smart and easy strategies will have you shopping like a nutritionist in no time.

Plus, why it's so important to know where your sugar comes from.

This nutritionist-approved product is oh-so-versatile, and surprisingly pretty tasty. 

Introducing your taste buds to something new sparks a passion for cooking, and condiments are an easy way to keep meals diet-friendly while boosting their flavor.

A packaged food that is low in sugar? They do exist, and we did the homework for you. Pick up one of these eight packaged foods that are low in sugar and all-around smart choices for you.

You know food packaging may be misleading from time to time, but a new study shines some light on just how bad it can be.

Popular foods and drinks (yogurt, smoothies) and food terms (vegan, all-natural) stamped across packaging can sometimes have a misleading imaginary health halo around them—people automatically presume

Give yourself some props: You work out on the reg, you always eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables, and you never miss a checkup.

Just because they can whip up a mean lobster mac and cheese doesn't mean top chefs drown everything in butter.

Skip the fat, save the nutrients, and make healthy cooking a breeze with these brilliant kitchen must-haves.

Don't get sucked in by sneaky labels that manufacturers slap on products to make you buy them. Learn which foods deserve the healthy glows they wear — and which are downright devilish.

Our supersaver shopping strategies will help you slim your body without shrinking your wallet.

You don't need to buy everything organic to stay pesticide-free. Print out this handy-dandy guide for your next shopping trip.

Can't remember the last time you cleaned out your cupboards? It's time to start fresh. Here, 11 simple food swaps that will spice up your meals and cut calories and fat.

3 simple ways to pick, prep, and cook the perfect chicken.

Short on cash? You're not limited to the high-fat stuff. Add these good-for-you foods to your grocery list — they're all under $1 per serving.

Your best diet starts in the supermarket. The essential what-to-buy guide.